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Do I need a licence to ride a Jet Ski in the UK

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

It is not a legal requirement to hold a jet ski licence in the UK to ride a jet ski (personal watercraft) however many areas where you can use a jet ski do insist that you have one such as Gwynedd. it is also better for your safety if you know how to use a personal watercraft vessel correctly and courses also include information and guidance on maintenance, launching and recovery.

Where can you learn to jet ski?

It is a really good idea to learn how to use your personal watercraft correctly. This is not just so you can get the most fun out of it, but so that you and people around you are safe in the water.

If you are local to North Wales then we recommend us (obviously) as we are a accredited RYA Training Centre and will provide you with all the training you need to be safe on the water.

Should you be too far away to attend one of our courses there are a number of highly reputable RYA Training Centres around the UK.

How will a course help me?

Using your jet ski proficiently is key to your safety. It is an extreme sport and your vessel can get up to speeds in excess of 70mph. Many insurance companies will also request that you have a Personal Watercraft Licence that has been gained from an RYA Training Centre so it makes sense to take this course to reduce your premiums never mind your safety at sea.

Do I need a jet ski licence to hire one abroad?

This all depends on the country you are visiting however like Gwynedd in North Wales many now require you to have one. This ensures that you are aware how to use a jet ski proficiently and local authorities want to ensure the safety of other water users so we expect this to be a growing trend across Europe in the coming years.

How much does it cost for a jet ski licence?

The RYA Accredited Personal Watercraft Course runs for 1 day and costs £160 at our Training Centre. We offer a number of course dates throughout the year so we are flexible for when you can take it.

For more information visit our Jet Ski / Personal Watercraft page for details.

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